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Source Package:

The Source can be extracted from every existing binary version. You will also need some libraries:

Library Requirements:

  • Qt 4 (version >=4.3)

  • Freetype 2
  • zlib


  • tested Compilers: gcc, vc7


  • zlib and freetype is normally installed on Linux, if not install it.
  • install Qt, if not version >=4.3 is available.

  • run "qmake" in folder layout
  • run "make" in folder layout
  • run layout/install/maninstall
  • start the LayoutEditor and adjust the documentation directory and macro directory in the setup to the correct place.

  • run /usr/share/layout/layoutset to get menuentry and desktopicon for the LayoutEditor.


  • install Qt
  • install freetype to "C:\Programme\GnuWin32\"

  • install zlib
  • open shell and change shell directory to the layout package
  • run qmake
  • run make / nmake (depends on your compiler)
  • run the WIX tool on install/layout.wxs to create the installer
  • run install/layout.msi

Mac OS X

The following instructions can be used for building LayoutEditor on MacOSX 10.4 and 10.5. We will first install the QT library, which is used for cross-platform support. Then we'll install Freetype2, which is used for fonts. Finally we'll install LayoutEditor.

Here's what you need before you get started

  • Xcode 3.0, a free download from Apple. Follow their instructions and be sure to leave the "duplicate everything in /usr" option enabled during installation.
  • Open /Applications/Utilities/ In the following instructions there are chunks of text that you will need to copy and paste into the terminal.
  • Download and install QT. Double-click the installer and follow their instructions.
  • Install Freetype2 (you can copy and paste the following instructions into your terminal window)
  • Download and build LayoutEditor. These instructions download the 2008-02-05 source code release, and need to be updated for future releases.

  • Install LayoutEditor

    • mv bin/ /Applications/ mv macros/ ~/Library/ mkdir ~/Library/Application\ Support/layout/ mv doc/ ~/Library/Application\ Support/layout mv macros/ ~/Library/Application\ Support/layout

If you're curious, we needed to make the freetype symbolic link so that the build process would go smoothly. Then we needed to pass a few arguments to qmake so that it didn't try making a bunch of XCode projects and giving you errors. Finally, we moved the application and the docs/macros folders to their appropriate places.

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