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Feature Request

The LayoutEditor already has a plenty of features built in. Other features can be added by a macro. But for sure there are applications where additional features may help. We are eager to hear it! So please post it on this page by pressing the Edit this Page button on the lower left and share your ideas. New ideas to improve the LayoutEditor are always welcome! If you don't want to post a request here you may also contact:

Open Requested Feature I

Is it possible, to add a label tool to label length or/and size of a measured object? So far I have not found any kind like that in the Layout Editor. Thanks. 2016/02/21: A ctrl+left mouse click will add a size label to the design in the ruler mode.

Open Requested Feature II

Describe the new feature here.

Open Requested Feature II

Describe the new feature here.

Completed Requests

Completed Requested Feature I

Is it possible to introduce transparency adjustment independently for each background image? Sometimes it is necessary to have images of the same object made by different methods (for example an image of a carbon nanotube taken by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and atomic force microscope (AFM)). These two images have to be aligned one to the other. Very often there are no common alignment marks visible on the images and the only way to align is make one of them semi-transparent.

2014/12/29: an adjustable tranparency of background images will be introduced with the next update.

Completed Requested Feature II

Is it possible to introduce a new macro class, which would read out the current XY position of the cursor upon a mouse click?

2014/12/29: a function 'drawingField::getPoints()' will be added with the next update to read out all previous entered points

Thank you for considering the request. Just to make sure that I formulated the request correctly. This feature should return the current XY-values shown by the Position indicator by the mouse click. This future would allow to "point" a specific point on the design using the mouse. Thank you.

Completed Requested Feature III

Can you please add the mirror flipping feature (vertical or horizontal, or both) of the background image?

2015/01/30: This is already possible by setting the scale to a negative value.

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