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MEBES (Manufacturing Electron Beam Exposure System)

MEBES were photo mask ebeam writers by the company Etec Systems Inc. These ebeam write used a own input format. That format is accepted by some mask shops and is used as an exchange file format for a single layer. MEBES version 1 to 5 exists.

Using MEBES in the LayoutEditor

The LayoutEditor supportes MEBES version 1 to 5 as input. As MEBES file have no default file extension a file type check is not possible by the file name. So it is impossible to display MEBES file in the file dialog with the default filter 'supported file formats'. To open a MEBES file set the file filter to view all files first. Then you can choose the MEBES file. The MEBES file is recognized automaticly as MEBES file. Also the MEBES version is automaticly detected. As all file format storeing just one layer with the open function a new cell is opened and the file data is added to the active layer. With the import function the file data is added to the current cell on the active layer. An update will replace all elements on the active layer in the current cell with the file data.

Change Log

  • Importing/loading of the MEBES file format was introduced with version 20130628.

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