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Add Netlist Library

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A netlist library as added. Supported formats are: Alliance, LayoutEditor Library (extension '.lel').

Netlist libraries are required to provide a link between a device in the netlist and a physical layout of that device. The LayoutEditor Library Format is a simple text file. Lines starting with a '#' are comments. The library is spitted in up to five sections ('cell','macro','package','parts','ignore'). Each sections starts with the section name in braces ('[..]').

Here is an example for a library:

# LayoutEditor Library file
# Section cell: all matching elements are linked to an existing cell<
# format:
# device-type                   layout-file             cellname        pins
MOPEN                           microwavelib.gds        MOPEN           pin1
'MSTEP W1="2 mm" W2="0.244 mm"' microwavelib.gds        MSTEP2000_244   pin1 pin2
'MTEE  W1="0.244 mm"'           microwavelib.gds        MTEE244         pin1 pin2 pin3
# If a device has parameters or the device name has spaces, put the device name in 
# single or double quotes.
# Additionals parameters are ignored. 
# So in this example MOPEN will match for any parameter.

# Section macro: a macro is call, which generates the required cell.
# format:
# device-type                   macro-file              pins
MLIN                            microstrip.layout       pin1 pin2
# The macro must set the new cell to the currentCell to be recognized.
# Some #DEFINES are made in the macros:

# Section package: all matching elements are linked to an cell,
# pins in the linked cell are renamed, devicename and type is set,
# Netlist must contain the pinnames.
# Matches to all devices containing the package-type
# format:
# package-type          layout-file     cellname        number pins
SO28W                   SO28W.gds       SO28W           28

# Section parts: all matching elements are linked to an cell. 
# cellname, pin name, pin number and devicename is set
# Matches to all devices containing the part-type
# part-type             layout-file     cellname        pin name,pin number ...
LT1028                  DIP8.gds        DIP8            in+ 3 in- 2 V+ 7 V- 4 out 6

#Section ignore: all matching elements are removed from the netlist

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