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Layer Buttons

  • Dock: Layer

layerbuttonlist.png or layerbuttonlist1.png


For each layer there is a button to control it. The buttons are located in the dock window and are arranged in a list or as a block. The setup is done via the context menu of the dock window or via the SetupDialog.

Via this layer buttons the display of the drawing is controlled. Visibility, color, fill style, etc. is set via these buttons. All setup can (like any other function) also be done via the main menu.
The functions are:

mouse left Left click to make layer active.

mouse shift leftShift left/middle click to toggle visibility of a layer.

mouse ctrl leftCtrl left click to hide all other layers.

mouse shift ctrl leftShift+ctrl left click to open the layer properties window.

mouse left waitHold the left mouse button to show a layermenu.

mouse midShift left/middle click to toggle visibility of a layer.

mouse shift rightShift right click to show all layers.

mouse ctrl rightCtrl right click to show all layers in bounding box mode.



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