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Layout3d Class Reference

the main window of the 3d editor More...

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Detailed Description

This class is the main window widget of the 3d editor. It can be accessed directly with its class name layout3d. If no 3d windows is currently open, a new window will be created and displayed.

   1 layout3d->closeDesign();
   2 layout3d->filename="my_file.dxf";

The internal structure of the layout3d class is very similar to the layout class.

(introduced with version 20160111)

Member Function Documentation

void layout3d::addMacroToolButton(string macroName,string parameter,string iconfilename)

Add a new button to the toolbars. The button will be added to the toolbar 'Macros'. If this toolbar does not exist, it will be created. macroName specifies the name of the macro to be executed. iconfilename points to the file for the icon of the new button. If the given file does not exist, the default macro icon is used. MacroToolButtons will not stored with shut-down.

(introduced with version 20170716)

string layout3d::filename

The file name of the current displayed design.

drawingField3d* layout3d::drawing

A pointer to the main design.

void layout3d::closeDesign()

Closes the current displayed design.

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