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Console Reference

Using the TextEditor as a console. More...

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Detailed Description

The central TextEditor can be used as a simple console interface to other console applications. Console commands can be entered manual in the TextEditor or within a macro. A new console interface can only started within a macro. Creation of a console interface as well as any conunication is possible via some static members of this class.

(introduced with version 20141229)

Member Function Documentation

static bool console::openConsole(string app,string path, stringList parameter)

Starts app as a new console interface in the central TextEditor. The application is searched in the path as well in default system location of executable files. The application will be started with parermeter as options.

static bool console::exists(string app)

Returns: true if a console with the application exists.

static void console::send(string app, string command)

Sends command to the console of the appllication app.

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