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Schemantic Class Reference

The main widget class of the schematic. More...

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Detailed Description

This class is the main widget of the windows from which the macro was executed. It is directly accessible via the classname "schematic".


Most methods of this call require a user dialog. A direct access of the drawing is possible via the member drawing.

Member Function Documentation

void schematic::addMacroToolButton(string macroName,string parameter,string iconfilename)

Add a new button to the toolbars. The button will be added to the toolbar 'Macros'. If this toolbar does not exist, it will be created. macroName specifies the name of the macro to be executed. iconfilename points to the file for the icon of the new button. If the given file does not exist, the default macro icon is used. MacroToolButtons will not stored with shut-down.

(introduced with version 20170716)

schematicDisplay* schematic::drawing

This class is the main class of the drawing. It holds all relevant information. schematicDisplay

string schematic::filename

This string hold the current filename.

string schematic::generateNetList(string type)

the current sheet as netlist. Type had to be defined in the setup before.

OBSOLETE: Please use drawing->generateNetList() instead.

string schematic::getToolbarState()

Returns: an encoded string containing all required information to restore the current toolbar and dock window setup. With setToolbarState the current setup can be restored. (introduced with version 20160401)

void schematic::hideToolBar(string name)

Hides the named toolbar.

void schematic::saveNetList(string filename, string type)

exports the current sheet as netlist. Type had to be defined in the setup before.

OBSOLETE: Please use drawing->saveNetList() instead.

bool schematic::setShortcut(string function,string key)

Use this function to modify any existing shortcut. It returns true, if the modification was successful.

layout->setShortcut("&Sector",""); // remove old 'F' shortkey
layout->setShortcut("&Zoom Fit All","F"); // set 'F' to zoom fit
layout->setShortcut("&Zoom Fit Selection","Shift+F"); // set 'Shift F' to zoom fit selection

void schematic::setToolbarState(string)

Sets the toolbar and dock window configuration. The string parameter needs to be created with the getToolbarState. (introduced with version 20160401)

void schematic::showToolBar(string name)

Shows the named toolbar.

void schematic::toLayout(layout *l)

converts the current schematic sheet to a layout drawing.

void schematic::toolBarAdd(string name,string buttons)

Add a new tool bar, separate multipli buttons with a ';'.

layout->toolBarAdd("my toolbar","New Layout;Zoom Mouse;Code 39;Quit");

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