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SchematicDisplay Class Reference

The main class of a schematic. More...

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Detailed Description

The main widget of the schematic window. It contains all data of existing sheets.

Member Function Documentation

sheetList* schematicDisplay::addSheet()

Adds a new sheet to the sheetlist.

sheet* schematicDisplay::currentSheet

This is a pointer on the sheet displayed.

void schematicDisplay::deleteCurrentSheet()

The current sheet is deleted.

void schematicDisplay::deleteSheet(sheet *sheet)

The specified sheet is deleted.

sheetList* schematicDisplay::firstSheet

This is a list of all sheets in the drawing.

string schematicDisplay::generateNetList(string type,string filename="")

Returns: the current sheet as a netlist. type had to be defined in the setup before. filename is be use as information only in the generated netlist.

bool schematicDisplay::modified()

Returns: true ,if the design was modifies after the last save

void schematicDisplay::openFile(string s)

A file with the name s is opened.

void schematicDisplay::openView(string library,string cellName,string viewName)

opens the given openaccess view as schematic

void schematicDisplay::saveFile(string s)

The current sheet collection is as with the name s

void schematicDisplay::saveNetList(string filename, string type)

exports the current sheet as netlist. Type had to be defined in the setup before.

void schematicDisplay::setProbeMode(plotData data)

Will set the SchematicEditor to a probe mode. In this mode by clicking nodes, devices and ports another macro will be triggered. data as well the clicked node, device or port will be given to that macro and can be used to display simulation results. (introduced with version 20141229)

void schematicDisplay::scaleFull()

The current sheet is scalled in a way that is completely visible.

void schematicDisplay::scaleMinus()

The scale is decreased,

void schematicDisplay::scalePlus()

The scale is increased,

void schematicDisplay::scrollDown()

The current view is scrolled down.

void schematicDisplay::scrollLeft()

The current view is scrolled left.

void schematicDisplay::scrollRight()

The current view is scrolled right.

void schematicDisplay::scrollUp()

The current view is scrolled up.

void schematicDisplay::updateNetlist()

Will extract netlists in all sheets. Call it to sync layout window netlist after modification of sheets.

void schematicDisplay::updateCurrentNetlist()

Will extract netlists in the current sheet. (introduced with version 20151028)

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