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The OpenCellLibrary is physical design kit (PDK) for an Integrated Circuit design with the LayoutEditor. It is not checked in real IC fabrication and only intended for educational and demontrastion use. Technology setup and standard cells are base on the OpenCellLibrary published by Nangate. It was modified for adaption to the LayoutEditor and to make it more realistic to a real design kit. And it was extended with parametric cells, symbols, design rule check macros, etc. to make it a complete PDK for the LayoutEditor and as a template for any further LayoutEditor PDK. Please also read nangates copyright on the library before using it outside any educational purpose.


openCellLibrary example double The only setup required is a layer setup. This setup is checked and triggered automaticly with the use of parametric cells. It is recommended to do trigger this setup manual before starting the use the library. This can be done by calling a macro which is located in the mainmenu under (Utilities/Macros/openCellLibrary/layer setup). This setup macro is optimized for the transparent PaintEngine. To switch to this PaintEngine a restart may be required. Add the OpenCellLibrary by hand, if it is not present in the SchematicEditor (AddLibrary). The library is stored in the folder library/openCellLibrary. The exact location is platform depend.


The OpenCellLibrary includes all required models for a spice simulation. The setup and simulation is tested with LTSpice. To perform a LTspice simulation, please make sure you have a supply cell in your design and a valid simulation command is part of your schematic.


Mini Example Doubler

A mini example with just 4 cells is the doubler. To view it, please unpack und open the bundle file with the LayoutEditor or SchematicEditor. Schematic and Layout will be displayed. Also the correct layer setup will be done. Click on a device in the schematic to place its layout. Click on a wire in the schematic to route this node. A routed and placed version is available as "doubler.gds" in the same folder. A design rule check for the library is available in a macro (Utilities/Macros/openCellLibrary/DRC(complete)). It will perform a complete DRC on the visible cell.

See also: DoubleExample


Hierarchical Example

Besides the doubler example there is an other example using the OpenCellLibrary. Viewing it is similar to th example before: unpack the package and open the bundle file with the LayoutEditor or SchematicEditor. This example used a hierarchical design and also includes a simulation. To trigger the simulation just call the macro from the simulation menu within the SchematicEditor. You will need LTSpice installed to perform the simulation.

Open Cell Library Example

See also: OpenCellLibraryExample


The newest version of the OpenCellLibrary is included in the LayoutEditor package and installed with it. It you want to use it separate you can download it (probably an older version) here:

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