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Save 3D Setup

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  • This feature is no longer part of the standard user interface. You can add it manual or call it by a macro.


A macro is generated, which will restore the actual 3D view setup. Storing 3d setup is also included in GenerateTechnologyMacro.


   1 #!/usr/bin/layout
   2 #name=3d layer setup: example.layout
   3 #help=sets up the 3d view 
   6 int main(){
   7 layers::reset3dView();
   8 layers::num[9].set3dView(0,30);
   9 layers::num[10].set3dView(30,70);
  10 layers::num[11].set3dView(100,70);
  11 layers::num[12].set3dView(170,70);
  12 layers::num[13].set3dView(240,70);
  13 layers::num[14].set3dView(310,70);
  14 }

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