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Designs and Examples

Viewing other designs, having templates or test design can be very useful before starting a own design. Here is an overview of such designs, available for free. Be free to add your test design, examples and templates to this database. In earlier versions of the LayoutEditor examples were included in the download packages. These example files have moved to this page. Shipping examples within the documentation allows much more and bigger example files.

Once more: Be free to add your designs! You are welcome!

Test Designs

  • GDSII Test: some small GDSII files using nearly any feature of the GDSII file format.

  • OASIS Test: some small OASIS files using nearly any feature of the OASIS file format.

  • Unicode Test: some small GDSII file with unicode formated text.

Integrated Circuits Examples

PCB Examples

Microwave Examples

Schematic Examples

List of all Designs and Examples


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