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Release 2017YYxx

Release Date: not yet scheduled

Still waiting for further user requests. Please take your chance: FeatureRequest

Change Log (preliminary / planned)

  • New Features:

    • automatic ruler option,
    • display of units in the ruler,
    • snap to point with higher performance,
    • boolOnLayer A xor with better performance, now multi threaded in multi core processors
    • TextEditor:

      • support of further text file types,
    • setting of font size will be used to display drc violations,
    • minor adjustments in the graphical user interface,
    • entry of symetric grids,
    • calculation of the center of gravity,
  • File Formats:

    • OpenAccess:

      • progress counter for loading,
      • open works multi threaded,
      • support of custom vias,
      • support of std vias,
      • dump output supports vias,
      • fix problems in handling of disabled layers,
    • DXF:

      • support of HATCH elements,
  • Macros:

    • macros can be added to a tool button,
    • add new method to class layout:
      • void layout::addMacroToolButton(string macroName,string parameter,string iconfilename);
    • add new method to class layout3d:
      • void layout3d::addMacroToolButton(string macroName,string parameter,string iconfilename);
    • add new method to class pointArray:
      • point pointArray::centerOfGavity(),
    • add new method to class schematic:
      • void schematic::addMacroToolButton(string macroName,string parameter,string iconfilename)
    • add new method to class setup:
      • static stringList setup::macroPath,
    • add new method to class textEdit:
      • void textedit::addMacroToolButton(string macroName,string parameter,string iconfilename),
  • Bug Fixes:

    • incorrect plugin path for LayoutScript on windows,

    • frame border handling of 'A xor' in Bool On Layer,
    • problem of polygon triangulation in some cases,
    • text to polygon may create self-intersection polygons,
    • size adjust in case of cancelled dialog,
    • snap to intersections for boxes,
    • encrypt macro fails in some cases,
    • drc may cause crash in case many violations,
    • display of dock icon on mac,
    • start script when called by dash and ksh,

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