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Save Violation List

  • Icon: drc save violations icon

  • Dock: Design Rule Checker


The list with detected drc violations is stored. You will be prompted to enter a file name. The list will be stored by default in a LayoutEditor macro format. Executing this macro will add the violation back to the violation list.

Example Macro

   1 #!/usr/bin/layout
   2 #name=drc errors: drc-out.layout
   3 #help=automatic generated macro with drc violations
   6 int main(){
   7 point p1,p2;
   8 layout->drcTool->clearViolationView();
   9 p1.set(-197000,346500);
  10 p2.set(-190000,355500);
  11 layout->drcTool->addViolation("On Grid Layer 60",0,p1, p2, 17,0);
  12 }

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